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The creams of baby clothes can now be in your package. We have brought you the most popular brands, choose from our colorful, special packages now!

Desigual are known for trendy, patchwork style, exciting patterns, graphic elements, and asymmetrical lines. The Barcelona-based clothing brand was founded by the Mayor of Ibiza, the Swiss businessman Thomas Meyer in 1984. This bohemian, party feeling is combined with their collections of colors and moods in Barcelona.

Zara offers fashionable clothes from quality materials at low prices. As they changed the design and manufacturing process, they could reduce the lead time, this creating “instant fashion” or, as we call fast fashion today.

Benetton aims at a unique, colorful style at affordable prices, dynamic personalities such as the company itself. The Benetton Group believes it is important to innovate, which is felt in both their bold colors and sales networks, as well as their unique way of communicating with social and cultural diversity.

Obaibi-Okaidi is at once accessible, universal and modern. Their kids’ clothes are made in the spirit of sustainability from the smallest age group, until the end of the teenage year. With their modern aesthetics based on fashion-classics, children can choose from their pieces that match their tastes and express their personality. Whether it’s quality or casual clothing, the brand offers quality and affordable pieces for everything.


  • Desigual, Zara, Benetton, Obaibi-Okaidi collection (100pcs)
  • 100% authentic – certified
  • The clothing is new, 1st grade
  • Age: 0-13 years
  • Comes with all the original tags, 90% is in original packaging
  • Variety of the models: dresses, tops, t-shirts, shirts, pants, sweaters, pullovers etc
  • Collection:autumn/winter

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